Stefan Raab Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €110 million
Age: 55
Born: 10/20/1966
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: TV and music producer, entertainer, TV presenter, entrepreneur
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Stefan Raab is a person who likes to be in the limelight – regardless of whether it’s about music, film or television. With shows like “TV total” and numerous music releases, the native of Cologne achieved a status that has remained steadfast for years after his retirement from television.

early life

Stefan Konrad Raab was born in Cologne in autumn 1966. He has one sister, and his parents ran a butcher’s shop. Raab attended a Jesuit school, where he graduated from high school in 1986. He then did his military service in the Cologne air force readiness service.

Raab studied law in Cologne and Bielefeld for five semesters. At the same time he worked in his parents’ butcher’s shop, where he did his apprenticeship. The young man completed this in an exemplary manner with the journeyman’s examination and was the best in his district.

From 1990 Stefan Raab wrote and produced advertising jingles and spots for television shows. Among other things, he was involved in a toothpaste advertisement and the ARD morning magazine. Raab also worked as a music producer for artists such as Die Prinzen and Bürger Lars Dietrich.


In 1993 Stefan Raab attended a casting at Viva, where he was offered the opportunity to moderate the show “Vivasion”. Raab did this until 1998. In the following year he joined the program “TV total” on ProSieben, with which he finally achieved fame. “TV total” also included regular events such as the Wok World Championship, the TV total high diving and several poker nights.

In the 1990s, Raab released several pieces of music that were well received. In 1996 he composed the song “Here comes the mouse!” for the birthday anniversary of the show with the mouse, successes were also his song about the then national coach Berti Vogts and a cover version of “Ein Bett im Kornfeld”. In 1997, Raab regularly presented radio shows for WDR.

Stefan Raab regularly looked for and looked after candidates for the Eurovision Song Contest. He took Max Mutzke and winner Lena Meyer-Landrut under his wing. Raab was also able to place himself in the top 5 thanks to his own participation. Based on the Eurovision Song Contest, Raab invented the Bundesvision Song Contest in 2005, he also held a DSDS parody casting.

Over the years, other shows have established themselves, such as the popular concept “Schlag den Raab” or the talk show “Absolute Majority”, which scored with its new, innovative concept. In 2015, Stefan Raab left the TV business. The attempt to continue his formats without him failed.

Career highlights

One of Stefan Raab’s most successful TV formats is “Schlag den Raab”, which won the German Television Prize in 1999, among other things. However, it was not enough for the success of “TV total”: The moderator’s probably most successful show ran for sixteen years, received several awards and a wax figure of Stefan Raab in the Madame Tussauds cabinet in Berlin even sits behind a replica of the desk from “TV total”.

Raab is also very successful in the music industry. For “Here comes the mouse!” in 1996 he received a gold disc, other songs achieved gold and platinum status. Stefan Raab was awarded several Echos, including Best Producer. There are also the Golden Camera, a Bambi and the Adolf Grimme Prize.

Raab also showed his talent for music at the Eurovision Song Contest: in 1998 he composed for the participant Guildo Horn, two years later he took part himself. With Stefan Raab’s help, Lena Meyer-Landrut took first place in the competition in 2010, while Max Mutzke achieved fourth place in 2004. Both musicians are still active in the industry.

Famous quotes

– Don’t rely too much on the judgment of people who have more experience than you. Experience is just knowledge of the status quo. But in many cases this does not help you to correctly assess the future.
– My taste often coincides with that of the crowd.
– I spread more ideas than anyone else on German television.

Amazing Facts

– Stefan Raab was in the habit of not giving any interviews to either the Bild magazine or the RTL broadcaster.
– In 2005, Raab made a scandalous joke about the air raids on Dresden in 1945, but he later apologized for it.
– In 2001, the moderator was criticized by the press because he acted as a jingle producer and advertising medium for McDonalds.
– Stefan Raab worked on the soundtrack of the film “(T)Raumschiff Surprise”.

Estimated value: €110 million