Steffen Henssler Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €5 million
Age: 49
Born: 09/27/1972
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur, Chef, Author, Entertainer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Steffen Henssler is probably known to everyone in German-speaking countries. The chef is not only known for his culinary creations, but also for his sayings and he is rarely at a loss for an answer. Henssler is best known from television with various cooking shows. In addition, he also appears in other shows that are not about cooking. Above all, the TV format “Grill den Henssler” increased Henssler’s Net Worth, because on average he receives 200,000 euros per show. In addition to appearing on TV, the chef has now become more of an entrepreneur because he also works in other areas, such as an author.

early life

Henssler was born on September 27, 1972 in Neuenbürg. He lived with his mother in Pinneberg until he was nine. His mother died very early, which is why he had to move to his father in Hamburg. At this time he also came into contact with gastronomy, because his father worked there as a restaurateur. After graduating from secondary school, he immediately began training as a chef. During a vacation, Henssler became acquainted with sushi and developed a passion for the Asian specialty. Luck helped him to win the lottery of 44,000 Deutschmarks, which he invested in training at a sushi academy in Los Angeles. Henssler, who completed the training with top marks, was the first German to hold the title “Professional Sushi Chef”. In 2001 he opened his first restaurant in Hamburg with his father.


Steffen Henssler started his TV career in 2004. He cooked for guest appearances on NDR together with Reiner Sass, who was already an established TV chef at the time. Henssler was so popular on the show that just two years later he got his own show, in which, among other things, he passed on the knowledge he had learned about Japanese cuisine.

Only a short time later, well-known private broadcasters such as VOX became aware of the chef. Since then, there have been various TV formats on the subject of cooking, with Steffen Henssler at the center.

Career highlights

A highlight in Steffen Henssler’s career is the show “Grill den Henssler” on VOX. The show has been running on the private channel since 2013 with an interruption in 2018. Henssler also appears on other stations. Another milestone in his TV career should be his new show “Henssler’s Countdown – Cooking at the Limit” on RTL. The format has been on the station since 2020 and, like its other shows, should be very popular.

Henssler is also a welcome guest on other TV shows. It’s not always just about cooking, he also competes with others, for example in game shows.

Famous quotes

One of his quotes is: “The viewer doesn’t want to see me in this role and you just have to accept that.” Henssler said this sentence when he tried to take over the legacy of Stefan Raab with his show “Schlag den Raab”. The chef may be an all-rounder, but that’s not always well received by viewers, which Henssler also accepted with this quote. In the continuation of Stefan Raab’s show “Schlag den Henssler” he had to give up after only eight programs because the ratings dropped drastically.

tips for success

Like many other successful people, Henssler doesn’t just stand by one card. In addition to his restaurants, of which he has now opened several, he also works as an author. He has written various cookbooks and appears on television. He not only appears as a cook or is part of various shows, but also has guest roles in series or films.

Estimated value: €5 million