Telenor and Huawei successfully test 5G technology in Norway

Telenor and Huawei successfully test 5G technology in Norway

Telenor Huawei claim E-band breakthrough after conducting 5G Tests with 70 Gbps speeds

Chinese multinational networking company Huawei claimed they have achieved 70 Gbps speeds while jointly conducting 5G test with Telenor in a controlled lab environment in Norway.

Huawei said that this was their first 5G based E-band multi-user MIMO demo with any mobile operator.

The E-band multi-user MIMO demonstration with Telenor in Norway on 20 March was 70 Gbps. The E-band is the frequency range of 71-76 GHz/81-86 GHz.

The E-band multi-user MIMO (an antenna technology for wireless communications) can provide over a 20 Gbps speed rate for a single user.

It’s working as a supplementary low frequency band, the E-band improves Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) service.

The test was conducted in Norway, where Telenor is hoping to deploy its first 5G network when it is commercially available.

Telenor Group said that Joint Desktop demonstration successful tests will identify insights and learnings to detect necessary steps to undertake from 4G to 5G technology. They will be operated through the Telenor and Huawei Joint Innovation Center.

The demonstration was also attended by Norwegian Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Ketil Solvik-Olsen, and personally launched the Demo.

Telenor Group CEO, Mr. Sigve Brekke said, “This is a big day for Telenor, because finally we can demonstrate the potential of 5G, and Norway will always be the first market for us to test new technology.”

Telenor, being one of the world’s leading telecom operators, has a very clear technical strategy and superior execution capabilities. Telenor also follows 5G technology developments closely, and in the international 5G standardization bodies Telenor and Huawei work closely together.

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