These countries fast longest in Ramadan 2017

These countries fast longest in Ramadan 2017

Fasting will be the longest in Greenland and Sweden, and shortest in Chile and Australia.

Muslims across the world including Pakistan have entered into the most respected and celebrated Islamic month of Ramazan.

The commencement of Ramazan is determined by the lunar cycle every year and its timing shifts in relation to the Western calendar worldwide each year. For the aforementioned reason, Muslims is some parts of the world face the longest fasting hours while others face the shortest ones.

In recent years, Ramadan has moved increasingly into the summer months which bring long days in the northern hemisphere and sweltering heat for many countries. Conversely, Ramadan has fallen on the shortest, winter days in the southern hemisphere.

Last year, fasting hours across the world ranged between 11 and 22 hours. This year, fasting hours will range between 10 hours in Chile and 21 hours in Greenland.

Fasting will be the longest in Greenland and Sweden, and shortest in Chile and Australia.

Muslims in Greenland, Norway, Finland, Germany and Canada will observe fasting of about 21 to 18.5 hours.

Whereas the countries observing the shortest fasts include Chile, Australia, South Africa and Argentina where the fasting hurs will last between 12 to 10 hours.

Below is the full list of estimated fasting hours in cities around the world, according to Al Jazeera.

– Nuuk, Greenland: 21 hours of fasting, from 2:16am to sunset at 11:14pm in the evening

– Oslo, Norway: 20 hours, from 2:24am to 10:15pm

– Helsinki, Finland: 20 hours, from 2:26am to 10:24pm

– Stockholm, Sweden: 19,5 hours, from 1:57am to 9:39pm

– Moscow, Russia: 19 hours, from 1:49am to 8:56pm

– Copenhagen, Denmark: 19 hours, from 2:29am to 9:36pm

– Berlin, Germany: 19 hours, from 2:41am to 9:34pm

– Calgary, Canada: 18,5 hours, from 3:05am to 9:39pm

– Warsaw, Poland: 18,5 hours, from 2:03am to 8:42pm

– London, UK: 18,5 hours, from 2:29am to 9:03pm

– Astana, Kazakhstan: 18,5 hours, from 2:43am to 9:15pm

– Brussels, Belgium: 18,5 hours, from 3:12am to 9:41pm

– Zurich, Switzerland: 18 hours, from 2:58am to 9:10pm

– Paris, France: 18 hours, from 3:23am to 9:41pm

– Bucharest, Romania: 17,5 hours, from 3:19am to 8:50pm

– Rome, Italy: 17 hours, from 3:36am to 8:35pm

– Madrid, Spain: 16,5 hours, from 4:51am to 9:36pm

– Lisbon, Portugal: 16,5 hours, from 4:22am to 8:53pm

– Athens, Greece: 16,5 hours, from 4:15am to 8:40pm

– Beijing, China: 16,5 hours, from 2:55am to 7:33pm

– New York, US: 16,5 hours, from 3:54am to 8:17pm

– Pyongyang, North Korea: 16,5 hours, from 2:51am to 7:24pm

– Ankara, Turkey: 16,5 hours, from 3:27am to 8:09pm

– Tokyo, Japan: 16 hours, from 2:44am to 6:49pm

– Kabul, Afghanistan: 16 hours, from 3:02am to 6:58pm

– Rabat, Morocco: 16 hours, from 3:38am to 7:31pm

– Islamabad, Pakistan: 16 hours, from 3:20am to 7:11pm

– Tehran, Iran: 16 hours, from 4:06am to 8:13pm

– Baghdad, Iraq: 16 hours, from 3:16am to 7:05pm

– Beirut, Lebanon: 16 hours, from 3:49am to 7:42pm

– Aleppo, Syria: 16 hours, from 3:31am to 7:41pm

– Cairo, Egypt: 15,5 hours, from 3:13am to 6:49pm

– Jerusalem, Palestine: 15,5 hours, from 3:59am to 7:38pm

– Kuwait City, Kuwait: 15,5 hours, from 3:17am to 6:42pm

– Gaza, Palestine: 15,5 hours, from 4:03am to 7:40pm

– New Delhi, India: 15 hours, from 3:54am to 7:12pm

– Kowloon, Hong Kong: 15 hours, from 4:16am to 7:01pm

– Dhaka, Bangladesh: 15 hours, from 3:47am to 6:40pm

– Muscat, Oman: 15 hours, from 3:52am to 6:47pm

– Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: 15 hours, from 3:36am to 6:36pm

– Doha, Qatar: 15 hours, from 3:15am to 6:18pm

– Dubai, UAE: 15 hours, from 4:02am to 7:04pm

– Khartoum, Sudan: 14,5 hours, from 4:52am to 7:16pm

– Aden, Yemen: 14 hours, from 4:13am to 6:22pm

– Dessye, Ethiopia: 14 hours, from 4:35am to 6:28pm

– Colombo, Sri Lanka: 14 hours, from 4:38am to 6:23pm

– Bangkok, Thailand: 14 hours, from 4:32am to 6:42pm

– Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 13,5 hours, from 5:39am to 7:19pm

– Novena, Singapore: 13,5 hours, from 5:43am to 7:08pm

– Luanda, Angola: 13 hours, from 5:01am to 5:54pm

– Sao Paulo, Brazil: 13 hours, from 4:19am to 5:11pm

– Jakarta, Indonesia: 13 hours, from 4:34am to 5:44pm

– Nairobi, Kenya: 13 hours, 5:15am to 6:32pm

– Harare, Zimbabwe: 12,5 hours, from 5:02am to 5:28pm

– Pretoria, South Africa: 12 hours, from 5:23am to 5:26pm

– Auckland, New Zealand: 11,5 hours, from 5:52am to 5:14pm

– Mendoza, Argentina: 11,5 hours, from 7:01am to 6:38pm

– Cape Town, South Africa: 11,5 hours, from 6:12am to 5:47pm

– Canberra, Australia: 11,5 hours, from 5:31am to 5:02pm

– Punta Arenas, Chile: 10 hours, from 6:34am to 4:41pm

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