Thomas Seitel Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €200,000
Age: 37
Born: 01/14/1985
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Athlete, model
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Thomas Seitel is part of Helene Fischer’s tour crew. He became famous when it became public that he and Helene Fischer were a couple. Thomas Seitel had been under contract with Helene Fischer since 2017, and it probably sparked in 2019. In October 2021 it was confirmed that Helene Fischer is pregnant and Thomas Seitel will therefore become a father.

early life

Thomas Seitel was born on January 14, 1985 in Germany and grew up in Eppertshausen in southern Hesse. He was enthusiastic about sports from an early age. According to his own statements, Thomas Seitel was even hyperactive. Sport therefore seemed to his parents the only way to get their offspring’s urge to move under control. So his parents sent him into the sport, to which he has remained true to this day. In addition to his career as an athlete, Thomas Seitel began studying after graduating from school. In addition to journalism, the then 20-year-old also studied sports science in Cologne.


Thanks to his parents’ decision, Thomas Seitel’s career path was mapped out. He began an impressive career as a gymnast. He did gymnastics for a total of ten years in the Bundesliga in Germany and France. He then withdrew from active competitive sports and began to reorient himself. Thomas Seitel has been in stage shows for some time. He made a name for himself above all as an aerial acrobat and traveled internationally in this context. He has worked in Dubai, China and Canada, among other places. Thomas Seitel discovered another facet of himself: Thanks to his well-trained body and attractive appearance, he was discovered as a model and also became really successful in this area. Thomas Seitel has a model file at McFit. Further stations in his modeling career were AXE, Braun and Panorama Berlin.

After his studies, Thomas Seitel moved to Berlin, where the 34-year-old still lives today. There he works as a professional gymnast and acrobat. Thomas Seitel has been part of Helene Fischer’s crew since 2017, with whom he has performed on stage with the singer in more than 70 shows. Thomas Seitel’s trademark is his well-trained body, which must also have inspired Helene Fischer. In addition to a well-trained body, Thomas Seitel has a clearly visible six-pack.

Career highlights

His work in Helene Fischer’s stage shows is without a doubt one of the highlights of his career. Through these shows and the relationship with Helene Fischer, Thomas Seitel became known to an audience of millions.

Famous quotes

Due to the hype that the media created after the announcement of the relationship between him and Helene Fischer, he complained that the press did not stop at his family. He said: “Journalists are with my grandma and grandpa in the hallway.” Thomas Seitel also said that the press broke over them like a tornado. This situation put a lot of strain on his elderly grandparents, which is why he decided to talk about it in public.

Amazing Facts

One of the amazing facts about Thomas Seitel is that he has an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. He set a world record for putting on his underwear on the RTL show “Guinness World Records” in 2008. Thomas Seitel made it impossible to put on a total of 82 pairs of underpants in just five minutes. He emerged victorious from the competition.

Another fact about Thomas Seitel is that he has had a successful career as a model. For example, he was the cover model for “Mate” magazine. In addition, he was repeatedly asked by well-known brands for various advertising campaigns. Labels included McFit, Braun, AX and Panorama Berlin.

Thomas Seitel is not just an athlete, model and aerial acrobat: He also has a degree. In addition to sports science, Thomas Seitel studied journalism. He successfully completed both courses.

The relationship between Thomas Seitel and Helene Fischer was not announced voluntarily. Rather, there was a mole in the circle of acquaintances or colleagues who passed this information on to the press for a lot of money. Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel were forced to admit their relationship to the public.

Both Helene Fischer and Thomas Seitel grew up in Hesse. Thomas Seitel is said to have reacted very surprised and delighted when she called out something to him in the most beautiful Hessian dialect. According to his own statements, his heart opened up at the time.

Thomas Fischer is currently quiet. He has not been active on social media for a long time, or he has even deleted various photos there.

Estimated value: €200,000