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Thorsten bequeath assets in 2023 Career & Relationship

Thorsten bequest assets: 1 million US dollars Thorsten Legat’s career has taken him from professional footballer to jungle camper to television personality. But how did he achieve this success? We examine his life. Thorsten Legat is one of the most charismatic personalities in German football who has caused a stir on and off the field. But not everything in his life went according to plan. We enlighten you about “Mister Kasalla”.

Thorsten bequeath assets
Thorsten bequeath assets

Thorsten Legat was born on November 7, 1968 and grew up with his three brothers in the Werne area of ​​Bochum. However, his childhood was anything but idyllic. In 2014, he made significant claims against his father in his memoir When Life Is Dirty. The man, who died in 2005, was a heavy drinker who frequently mugged his family. In addition, Thorsten Legat remembers years of sexual assault by his father, which he believes explain his own outbursts of violence.

Thorsten bequeath assets

Thorsten Legat played football for a number of well-known German clubs during his career, including VfL Bochum, VfB Stuttgart and FC Schalke 04. The midfielder scored 15 goals in 243 Bundesliga games. He also coached several youth teams, including Werder Bremen and SV Bergisch Gladbach 09. Most recently, he coached FC Remscheid in the regional league before retiring on May 1, 2016. He has been on the sidelines at TuS Bövinghausen since 2019.

The television season starts with the RTL jungle camp. In addition, the controversial disgust program celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016. After the negative statements made by participants last year, provoking major arguments or controversies, RTL promised more excitement and more innovations this year. And that will certainly cost the private broadcaster dearly. It is rumored that participants paid higher fees in 2016 than ever before.

Geriatric singer Gunter Gabriel was reportedly the front-runner. 300,000 dollars If he had paid for the jungle expedition, he would have survived longer. That would be double the previous price that Brigitte Nielsen would have had to pay for her first engagement in 2012. By the way, Sylvester Stallone’s ex-girlfriend was a top earner in 2016.

Contestants who have reached their modest celebrity status through a reality show or who have been away from the spotlight for a long time are expected to receive a prize of between 40,000 and 65,000 dollars. Menderes Bagci (incorrigible DSDS member), Helena Fürst (reality show lawyer), Ricky Harris (former chat and shopping moderator) and Sophia Wollersheim (wife of celebrity lover Bert Wollersheim) are just some of this year’s winners. These jungle campers benefit more from raising awareness than paying exorbitant fees.

The Z celebrities include Jürgen Milski (Mallorca mood cannon) and Thorsten Legat (ex-footballer with a quick temper), who collect around 75,000 dollars.

Scandal-plagued and well-known stars such as Jenny Elvers (actress with a boozy private life) and Rolf Zacher (a very elderly actor) can count on a larger sum. RTL should plan between 170,000 and 185,000 dollars for their trip to the Australian hinterland.

Thorsten bequeath assets
Thorsten bequeath assets

It is difficult to predict in advance who will win over the audience and possibly even take home the jungle crown. For many years, relatively unknown Z celebrities camped in the hearts of the audience, while well-known show legends spent their jungle time mainly in the hammock. However, one thing is certain: anyone who takes their chance in the jungle camp will benefit financially for many years to come.

Where does Thorsten Legat live today?

Thorsten Legat took the stage on November 7th, 1968 in Bochum, where he grew up with his three brothers. Wermelskirchen in the Bergisches Land is the home of the former soccer player and his wife Alexandra and their two sons.

Born in Bochum, he began his professional career with his hometown club VfL Bochum, made his Bundesliga debut on 6 September 1987 (aged 19) in a 1-1 home game against Borussia Mönchengladbach and quickly established himself as a key member of the first team in the following seasons.

Legat joined SV Werder Bremen after an outstanding 1990/91 season at FC Bochum – 31 games, seven goals and a crucial role in the club’s promotion to the Bundesliga. Despite tougher competition, he managed to play almost 100 competitive games in three seasons and also helped the club win the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in his debut season, despite missing the final against AS Monaco FC.

Legat then played for a season at Eintracht Frankfurt, where he acted as a defensive counterpart to Augustine Okocha, before moving to VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga. The complaints began with the latter, which led to him having to undergo two Achilles tendon operations.

Thorsten bequeath assets
Thorsten bequeath assets

Additionally, in early 1999, Legat was involved in a racial altercation with Guinean Pablo Thiam, who was a teammate at the time. He was immediately sacked after playing just 40 games combined in four years, and he spent two more injury-plagued seasons at FC Schalke 04 before announcing his retirement.

In 2005 and 2006, Legat worked as an assistant coach for the Werder Bremen U19 team. The following year, he and his wife were involved in another incident, in which he pointed a samurai sword at a group of children after being threatened, accidentally hitting one of them on the head.

He started playing for VfL Bochum at the age of 14 and subsequently made his Bundesliga debut for the club. The early 1990s were a golden period for Legat, in which he drew attention to himself with excellent performances, going as far as scoring the most appearances and second-most goals for the club.

Of course, other football teams immediately became aware of the youthful potential and Legat eventually switched to Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga, among others. But he was unable to repeat the great achievements of his childhood, for his later employers, VfB Stuttgart and FC Schalke 04, he only made a few appearances in the respective season.

To make matters worse for an adrenaline junkie like Legat, a series of dodgy off-field episodes began to tarnish his athletic performance.

When he made racist remarks about his then-team-mate Pablo Thiam in 1999, it came as no surprise that he was sacked by the club without warning. A little later, in 2001, Legat had to interrupt his professional career because he was no longer physically fit after an injury.

What about Thorsten Legat?

Thorsten Legat took the stage on November 7th, 1968 in Bochum, where he grew up with his three brothers. Wermelskirchen am Bergisches Land is the home of the former soccer player and his wife Alexandra and their two sons.

The problem is that Thorsten Legat is a football junkie. If it doesn’t want to run on the field, it will at least go wrong. In 2004 he began his second career as a coach and worked for smaller clubs such as the youth teams of SV Werder Bremen, WSV Bochum, FC Remscheid, TSV Marl-Hüls and TuS Bövinghausen as well as the youth teams of other major league clubs.

A new order could not change anything about Legat’s image as a hothead. Strange reports of his team’s remarks continued to circulate and Legat displayed a high level of assertiveness both outside and inside the stadium.

Once after a soccer game, after being molested by youths, he even pulled a samurai sword out of his waistband in the parking lot. Of course, neither the audience nor the judges, to whom the trainer had to react, found that amusing at the time.

Thereafter, Legat was successful and established himself as a regular on the television show in question. In the 1987/88 season he scored his first league goal in a 4-4 win against FC 08 Homburg; Ten minutes after Minas Hantzidis came on, Legat scored the goal for a narrow 3-2 lead.

He joined Werder Bremen in the summer of 1991 after a superb season at Legat, during which he featured in most of Bochum’s games and finished as the side’s second-best scorer behind striker Josef Nehl with seven goals.

Playing for Werder Bremen, the midfielder was a regular starting XI during his three-year stay in Germany. His greatest success in active football came in 1992 when he was a member of Werder Bremen and won the European Cup Winners’ Cup.

Thorsten bequeath assets