Toyota planning 10 purely electric vehicles by early 2020s

Toyota planning 10 purely electric vehicles by early 2020s

Toyota’s EVs will also later be offered in Japan, India, the US and Europe

Toyota plans to offer more than 10 purely electric vehicle models in its lineup by the early 2020s, marking the Japanese automaker’s commitment to that growing technology sector.

By introducing hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and pure electric and fuel-cell hydrogen power trains in various models which is the same target as announced by its main global competitor, the VolkswagenGroup.

Executive Vice President Shigeki Terashi said that Toyota’s EVs will be first offered in China, a nation that’s encouraging electric vehicles with subsidies and other policies, and is expected to drive massive growth in that technology.

The automaker has outlined its goals for low- and zero-emission cars in the next decade and starting with China before spreading to markets like Europe, Japan and the US and India.

Toyota announced other goals on green vehicles. By about 2030, it hopes to sell 5.5 million electrified vehicles a year. Toyota sells about 10 million vehicles globally a year.

The company says that by about 2025, every model it sells will have some kind of “electrified” version, such as hybrid, electric or fuel-cell.

Toyota’s move has been forced by the Chinese government’s plans to set quotas of EV sales that manufacturers must hit, and there are ongoing rumours that it may launch a heavily modified CH-R crossover in China in 2019.

On the other side Nissan, which introduced the Leaf EV in 2010, has yet to disclose plans for an expanded lineup of EVs, although with its alliance partners, Renault and Mitsubishi, Nissan aims to introduce 12 new zero-emissions vehicles by 2022.

Honda Motor Co, a longtime EV skeptic, has disclosed plans only for a EV in China beginning next year and another EV slotted for European showrooms in 2019.





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