Pakistan, Turkey build homes for Syria’s civil war victims

Pakistan, Turkey build homes for Syria’s civil war victims

108 flats have been constructed and families have moved into their new homes

Turkey’s Diyanet Foundation and Baitussalam Welfare Trust of Pakistan are constructing homes for the people displaced in the Syrian civil war in the Idlib province. The war has left over 780,000 Syrians homeless. The region is mostly peaceful now though there are occasional skirmishes still taking place. Thus far, 108 families have been placed in their new homes.

The houses have been constructed in the Deir Hassan area of Sarmada town, which is located south of Idlib. Currently, 12 blocks have been fully constructed.

The Turkish government and the non-government organizations have been working on the ground to improve the conditions of the residents of the war-torn Idlib. A deal between Russia and Turkey in March 2020 led to relative calm in the region and allowed more than 200,000 refugees to return to the area.

The Syrian Civil War

The Syrian civil war started in 2011 and is still ongoing. A number of groups looking to ouster Bashar al-Assad’s government took arms. These groups have support from different local and foreign elements. On the other hand, the Syrian government enjoys the support of Iran and Russia along with certain non-state actors. The death toll in the conflict is around 400,000 people as per the UN reports.

The Syrian government has been accused of using chemical weapons against its own people. Both sides have been accused of carrying out gross human rights violations and resorting to torture. Russia too has been actively involved in the conflict and has bombed suspected militant hideouts. There have been a number of civilian casualties in these attacks.  

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