Turkish Airlines to carry Pakistani fruit, vegetables to Europe amid PIA ban

Turkish Airlines to carry Pakistani fruit, vegetables to Europe amid PIA ban

Turkish carrier has assured Pakistani exporters of not charging high freight rates

Turkish Airlines will offer its services to Pakistani fruit and vegetable exporters in order to help Pakistani produce reach European markets. This will help Pakistani exports as PIA, the national flag carrier, cannot fly to Europe for the next sixth month due to the dubious licenses issues.  

All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters, Importers and Merchants Association (PFVA) Patron-in-Chief Waheed Ahmed expressed his pleasure over the Turkish airline helping the industry in tough times. He said that the fruit and vegetable exporters were concerned about the PIA ban.

“The airline has also promised provision of excellent facilities to promote export of fruits and vegetables to Europe,” he said. “Fruit and vegetable exporters were perturbed after Europe slapped a six-month ban on PIA flights owing to news of fake licenses of Pakistani pilots.”

Ahmed also said that the Turkish carrier has agreed to offer its services for better rates and assured the exporters of its complete cooperation. “Following the imposition of the ban, Pakistani exporters feared a rise in costs because of high freight charges demanded by foreign air carriers. However, Turkish Airlines has assured them of full cooperation and support during the present difficult times,” he said.

Ahmed said that increasing exports is the only way to fight out of the economic perils faced by the country in face of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The economy of Pakistan is facing multiple challenges due to the global pandemic, which can only be met by enhancing exports from the country,” he remarked.

According to the statistics, Pakistan exported fruits worth $415 million in 2018. The country earns a lot of foreign exchange through these exports, which helps push the rural economies forward. While the cost of freight may be slightly higher, it will certainly help the exporters salvage the season.   

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