Uber cut down 20% fares for Karachi, Lahore

Uber cut down 20% fares for Karachi, Lahore

Uber with UberGO has diminish 20% rates from 6th April

Uber has launched UberGo, a cheaper service for the people of Pakistan. UberGo offers 20% less travel fares within Karachi and Lahore.

Uber eyes to get more customers and higher earning by dropping down their prices for the customer.

Uber with their lower prices offer aims to increase customer demand as a result empty KMs covered by the Uber drivers will decrease and their income will be increased.

Higher demand as a result of the price cut means driver-partners will spend more of every hour moving people, less time waiting around and therefore get more money.

Uber with UberGo has diminish 20% rates from 6th April in Lahore and Karachi. This implies not exclusively will riders pay fewer fares for their outings yet driver-accomplices will gain more through expanded request.

A huge number of riders crosswise over Pakistan as of now utilize Uber to get from A to B while Tens of thousands of drivers now utilize the Uber application crosswise over Pakistan.


Rs. 100 base, Rs. 6.84 per KM, Rs. 3.15 per minute, Rs. 150 minimum, Rs. 150 cancellation


Rs.80 base, Rs. 5.59 per KM, Rs. 2.50 per minute, Rs.120 minimum

Talking about the value cut General Manager for Uber in Pakistan, Safee Shah clarifies, “We are focused on driver-accomplices and that Uber remains an alluring alternative for them – without them, we can’t help keep our Pakistani urban communities moving. We trust these cost changes will help expand request – meaning all the more paying travelers in drivers-accomplices vehicles and less dead kilometers between paying treks.”

With the presentation of UberX, riders will now have three sorts of rides accessible to them through the Uber application, UberGo, UberX, and UberAuto. This is in accordance with our reasoning of giving riders various alternatives at various value focuses, and in doing as such creating more financial open doors for drivers-accomplices.

With these progressions, Uber trusts considerably more individuals in each of the urban communities we work will leave their auto at home and let Uber help them get where they should be.

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