UK and EU reach historic Brexit divorce deal

UK and EU reach historic Brexit divorce deal

PM Theresa May said she looked forward to further discussions

United Kingdome and the Europe Union both agreed on the historic Brexit divorce deal after ending six months of negotiations.

Britain Prime Minister Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker announced a last-minute agreement, with the European commission president saying there was “sufficient progress” in negotiations to move to the next phase of negotiations.

Under the ‘Brexit’ deal EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the rest of the EU will have the right to stay in the country. Rights of their children and those of partners in existing “durable relationships” are also guaranteed, and UK courts will preside over enforcing rights over EU citizens in Britain but can refer unclear cases to the European court of justice for eight years after withdrawal.

The fifteen pages document published on Friday gives clues as to where conflict may arise between the two sides as they prepare for the next step in talks.

PM Theresa May said she looked forward to further discussions. “Getting to this point has required give and take on both sides,” the prime minister said.

“And I believe that the joint report being published is in the best interests of the whole of the UK”, Theresa May added.

The biggest climbdown, however, was over the border with the Republic of Ireland. Ministers had insisted it was possible to leave the EU’s single market and customs union without reintroducing a hard border.

That was exposed as naive. Decisions on a detailed plan are deferred to the next stage of the talks. In the absence of a solution, however, the UK has committed to maintaining “full alignment” with the EU rules required to keep the border open.

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