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Uwe Buses Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Uwe Buses Net Worth
Uwe Buses Net Worth

Uwe Buses Net Worth – Singer, songwriter and producer Uwe Busse comes from Germany. His work with the Flippers has made him a household name. From 1985 to 2005 Uwe Busse worked as a producer, composer and lyricist for the music band Die Flippers.

As a songwriter, his early work includes writing songs for artists such as GG Anderson (Mama Lorraine) and Roland Kaiser. He finally found success as a performer with the release of Take Your Time to Dream, after releasing a single in 1985 under the pseudonym Peter Tobias.

Uwe Busse has written more than 700 songs for a variety of collaborators including Klubbb3, Kathy Kelly, Bernhard Brink, Mireille Mathieu, Frans Bauer, Rex Gildo, Audrey Landers, Ireen Sheer, Tony Christie, Andy Borg, Michael Morgan, Laura Wilde and recently Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis.

Since 2003, Uwe Busse has released nine more solo albums with titles like That goes past, Horst is a hero or Seven Sins, which have been covered by musicians in different countries and have been a commercial success.

During his career, he has written more than 500 song titles, sold more than 20 million albums, and won 29 gold and nine platinum awards, as well as the Golden Tuning Fork. However, despite being one of the most successful

However, in his earlier years, Busse was a member of various rock bands and played heavy metal. His band got a record deal on the condition that they play songs like Flippers while he was still in his rock days, which the band fiercely refused.

It wasn’t until the 1990s, when his music business was booming, that he found time for his singing career. Together with Bernd Dietrich, GG Anderson wrote “Mama Lorraine” for Gerd Grabowski, which became his first big hit as GG Anderson. Many of his well-known colleagues, including Andrea Jürgens and Rex Gildo as well as Ireen Sheer and Tony Christie, but also Andy Borg and Roland Kaiser were among those for whom he wrote at this time.

“I missed those ants in my stomach,” said Uwe Busse when he returned to the stage in 2003. The decisive factor for the result was that he could rely on the support of his wife Katharina.

2003 Golden Tuning Fork Award Golden Tuning Fork Award Another party anthem, “Seven Sins,” was covered by DJ tzi and other DJs. The “Klostertalern” covered Uwe Busse’s party hit “Donnerwetter” in 2007, which brought him back into the DJ charts.

Uwe Busse net worth: €1 to €5 million (estimated)

Laura Wilde, one of his protégés, released her debut album Catch Your Dreams On in 2011. He recorded a duet with a newcomer, which they both also sang. In the same year he released his own album “Schlaflos”, which was his most personal to date and marked his 30th stage anniversary.

If someone told him that a music career isn’t worth it, he would still do it the same way, because he says so himself.

Uwe Buses Net Worth

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Uwe Buses Net Worth
Uwe Buses Net Worth