Victoria Swarovski Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €4 million
Age: 28
Born: 08/16/1993
Country of origin: Austria
Source of Wealth: Singer, presenter, model, influencer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

As the heir to one of the richest families in Austria, Victoria first appeared as a singer under the stage name Victoria S. and was a successful part of the Mario Barth Stadion Tour. She discovered her talent as a presenter on the television show “Let’s Dance” and travels the world as a fashionista, gathering inspiration for her own design ideas.

early life

As the daughter of the journalist Alexandra Swarovski and the entrepreneur Paul Swarovski, Victoria grew up with her younger sister Paulina in one of the richest families in Austria.

As a child, Victoria was already gaining experience for her future profession. She sang in various choirs. At the age of 12 she sent the producer of well-known singers and songwriters a demo, but she didn’t get an answer. When Victoria was 16, she made her first major appearance as a singer on Mario Barth’s television show. At the age of 17, the young singer signed a record deal with Sony and made her debut with the single “One in a Million”.


Victoria personally performed the title song “There’s a place for us” from the film “Chronicles of Nania: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”. In cooperation with rapper Prince Kay One she released the song “Beautiful”. The greatest successes in Victoria’s music career were the appearances of the Mario Barth Stadium Tour in front of 100,000 spectators in the Olympic Stadium. She has also worked as a support act for top international acts such as David Guetta and Taio Cruz and performed at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Her further career path led her to the German television show “Let’s dance”, which the Austrian won. In the same year she changed the Pfronten and has been on the jury for Deutschland sucht den Superstar since 2016. The “Let’s dance” team celebrated the best television ratings in a long time with over 22% market share and Victoria Swarovski will accompany the show as co-moderator in 2020 and 2021 alongside Daniel Hartwich. In 2018, the beautiful Austrian adorned the cover of the Turkish “Allem Magazin” and, according to her own statement, is very proud of the international cover. Victoria is the designer responsible for the dirndl and lederhosen collection of the label “Krüger Essential Collection designed by Victoria Swarovski” and has been working successfully for the label since 2017.

In September 2019, the precious crystal heiress appeared on the cover of Gala Style, where she assisted as a model for Dior. This month also included a trip to New York for Fashion Week, where she was able to admire the new Longchamp collection. Just one month later, she successfully launched the Cazedonia collection and celebrated her success as a designer with many well-known influencers in Vienna. She had other TV appearances as a guest with her sister Paulina on “Who knows something like that” and on “Small vs. Large”

Career highlights

2016: Let’s Dance as a participant
2016: The super talent as a juror
since 2018: “Let’s Dance” as co-moderator
2014: Appearance at the Olympic Games in Sochi
2014: Performance in the sold-out Olympic Stadium in front of over 100,000 people

Famous quotes

“Being part of such a big and successful production as “Das Supertalent” was a really great experience for me and a big step in my career. I really enjoyed evaluating the many talents together with Dieter Bohlen and Bruce Darnell and ultimately choosing Angel Flukes as “Das Supertalent 2016”.

“I was moved to tears when RTL announced that I would be hosting the next season of “Let’s Dance” with Daniel Hartwich. My incredible journey started there two years ago.”

“I want to make my big dream come true, be successful with my music and give concerts all over the world. I am willing to give up a lot and work hard for this. I also want to inspire people and be a good role model.”

tips for success

“You have to love what you do and stand behind it with 100% conviction. Otherwise nobody will take it from you and you will not be happy and successful with it. Constructive criticism is good, but don’t take it too seriously. Do your thing and always try to do your best.”

Amazing Facts: Her family owns around 4.2 billion euros. How much of it Victoria Swarovski will inherit is still in the stars, because over 70 family members are potential Swarovski heirs.

Estimated value: €4 million