Vincent Weiss Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €2 million
Age: 29
Born: 01/21/1993
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Wincent Weiss is a German pop singer whose songs have reached high positions in the charts in recent years. His most famous songs include Something Against the Silence and Fireworks.

early life

Wincent Weiss was born in Bad Oldesloe, where he lived until he finished school. At the age of 16, she decided not to move with his parents but to complete his high school diploma in his hometown. Alone, he then began to work alongside school.
According to his story, he found his way to music very late when, after graduating from high school in Munich, he taught himself to play the guitar and then began to write his first songs. At the same time, however, he works in a restaurant and even becomes a branch manager there. But amidst this success, his music is beginning to take off and after an offer for a record deal, Weiss quits his job and decides to devote himself to music.


As late as Wincent Weiss found his way to music, the faster he managed to gain a foothold in the scene. In 2013, when he was only 20, he took part in the Germany such den Superstar casting show. He himself says that his decision to take part was very spontaneous and that he is therefore often happy to have been eliminated in the second half and thus had the chance to continue working on his music.

Nevertheless, after his participation he could hardly register any notable successes and could not build up a stable fan base. Nevertheless, he did not give up music and maintained a YouTube channel on which he repeatedly uploaded covers and songs.

One of these covers was Unter meine Haut by Elif Demirezer, which he published in the year of his DSDS participation and which received great acclaim.

2 years later the DJs Ge Stört aber geil and Koby Funk remixed the cover and played it at a festival. This remix reached number six in the German charts in 2015.

Shortly thereafter, in September of the same year, Wincent Weiss released his first solo single called Regenbogen. About half a year later, on April 11, he released his first single, Musik sein, which was awarded a platinum record.

Another single followed soon after, called Feuerwerk, which even managed to achieve a gold record.

In April 2017 he released his debut album Something Against the Silence, which reached number three in the charts.

This was followed by a break in which no music was released. However, Wincent Weiss was a juror at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv at the time, and then took part in the song Lieb mich by Helene Fischer. He also recorded an acoustic version of his album and released a deluxe version with two exclusive songs.

At the end of 2017 he won the prize for best German artist at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

In spring 2018 he was nominated for two awards at the Echos and won the award as Newcomer National.

At the same time, Wincent Weiss released the single An Wunder, which entered the German charts at number 18. Three more songs were released until March 29, 2019 until Irgendwie Anders, his second studio album was released.

Career highlights

In addition to his musical successes, Wincent Weiss was able to convince as the voice actor for Tabaluga in the film in the same language.
He also took part in the sixth season of Sing mein Song – Das Tauschkonzert and continues to build on his cross-genre presence.

In addition to his awards, the number of which will increase over the next few years, he is able to impress with his personality and charm and thus creates a great polarization around his personality, which significantly supports his career.

Famous quotes

A thousand reasons to go
One is enough for me to stay
Hey, why don’t you want to see it
That we are all that is enough for us?
-To miracles

It was almost too late, but then I checked
My heart was covered with cement
Freed it, revived it
Did everything to make it beat again
-concrete heart

No matter where you are, how much you miss me
No matter how much time separates us and no matter how fast it runs
It’s not so hard
I’m just a heartbeat away – Found on:
-Just a heartbeat away

I carry them with me, our pictures
Your brightest smile on a Polaroid
We travel together, even if miles separate us
Do you follow me in my thoughts to every place, place, place
-Just a heartbeat away

Amazing Facts

Although Wincent has made emotional pop music in his career, he mainly listens to rock and metal in his private life. He even called himself a metalhead.

On his first tour in 2016, Wincent wanted to drive the tour bus himself. He was flashed several times and finally even had to give up his driver’s license, twice.

Estimated value: €2 million