Wigald Boning net worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €1 million
Age: 55
Born: 01/20/1967
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Comedian, voice actor, musician and TV presenter
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Wigald Boning is a German comedian, voice actor, musician and TV presenter. He is also active as a composer and author.

early life

Wigald Boning was born as one of two children. His parents are both bank clerks. As a student, Wigald Boning played in the punk-jazz band called KIXX, which also included friends Willehad Grafenhorst, Jim Meneses and actor Lars Rudolph. Wigald Boning gives the date of January 14, 1983 in the youth center in Papenburg as the premiere for the first appearance.


Their debut album Hidden Lover was released in 1985, and the program included several tours and international festival appearances, with the band supporting jazz musician Ornette Coleman. After graduating from the Cäcilienschule in Oldenburg in 1985, Wigald Boning first did his community service. Wigald Boning did not do any vocational training. In 1988, Wigald Boning released the album Bremen with Willehad Grafenhorst (Willy Hart), Susanne Rau and Ulrik Spies. After the album’s release, Wigald Boning left the band to pursue his solo career.

Wigald Boning then went first to film, where he stood in front of the camera in 1989 in Hard Days Hard Nights directed by Horst Königstein. After that, Wigald Boning was again in front of the camera in Ulrich Waller’s documentary film The Horny East, a journey through the last days of the GDR. From 1991 Wigald Boning moderated the daily column Bonings Bonbons for the music magazine Airplay at the broadcaster Premiere. In addition, Wigald Boning appeared from 1992 to 1993 as a reporter in the political satirical magazine Extra 3, later he was also able to moderate the media magazine Canale Grande of the broadcaster VOX.

Career highlights

Wigald Boning then became known through his work as a permanent member of the ensemble of the comedy show RTL Saturday Night. He worked there from 1993 to 1998. In Wigald’s World, Wigald Boning reported as an investigative reporter on fictitious studies and findings or conducted surveys of passers-by on the street.

From 1995 Wigald Boning appeared together with Olli Dittrich in the music project Die Doofen. As early as 1992, Wigald Boning had released the long-playing album and two singles with few sales figures. After several appearances on RTL Saturday Night, the release of the single Mief and the album Songs that the world doesn’t need followed a short time later. This reached number one in the charts in the summer of 1995. Also in 1995, the duo Wigald Boning and Olli Dietrich appeared as the opening act for Bon Jovi’s stadium tour. The duo Die Doofen has been awarded many important German music and media prizes, such as the Echo, the Bambi and the Golden Tuning Fork.

From 1999, and thus after the end of RTL Saturday Night, Wigald Boning hosted several editions of the ProSieben MorningShow. From 2001 to 2004 he presented the 38-episode program WIB-Schaukel, where he mainly accompanied prominent interviewees. The 2003 edition with Jürgen Drews again received a prize, namely the Adolf Grimme Prize. With the presenter Barbara Eligmann, Wigald Boning led through the Sat.1 show Clever! – The show that creates knowledge. Here he took over the implementation and explanation of scientific experiments as well as everyday phenomena. Wigald Boning was awarded the German Television Prize in 2005 for this show. In 2007, Wigald Boning also presented the action and quiz show FamilyShowdown on Sat.1. In addition, Wigald Boning appeared as a candidate and guest in various television programs such as Die Hit-Gianten, Genial nabe, Extreme Activity and Schillerstrasse.

Wigald Boning and pianist Roberto Di Gioia released the instrumental album Jet Set Jazz in 2008, with Wigald Boning playing eleven different wind instruments on it. In addition, Wigald Boning founded the music label “Hobby Musik” with Di Gioia in 2013.

Famous quotes

  • “What do I appreciate most about my friends? basic knowledge of chess.”

Amazing Facts

Wigald Boning has been married to the opera singer Teresa Boning, née Tièschky, since 2017. He met her in the summer of 2015 while filming for the TV show Rock the Classic (3sat). First, they appeared together in public for the first time at the premiere of the Bayreuth Festival in 2017. Wigald Boning has two children with his wife, their son Theodor and their daughter Mathilda. Wigald Boning lives with his family in Munich.

Above all, the rather unusual clothing was and is what attracted attention with Wigald Boning at his various appearances. His suits made of flashy fabrics, colors and materials such as artificial turf can be recognized as a visual trademark, and Wigald Boning likes to wear unusual glasses or bizarre fashion combinations, recognizable by the completely opposite styles.

Wigald Boning has two adult twin sons from a previous marriage

Wigald Boning collects shopping lists and nose hair trimmers.

Wigald Boning is also a CSR ambassador for “Lebenslang aktiv”, which is an initiative of Werder Bremen.

Estimated value: €1 million