Wolfgang Niedecken Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €5 million
Age: 71
Born: 03/30/1951
Country of origin: Germany
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Wolfgang Niedecken is a member of the Kölschrock band BAP, which has existed since 1976. To this day he is the frontman of this successful group and at the same time the only founding member still playing there. Niedecken is also a successful solo musician and is very involved in politics and society, especially against racism and xenophobia. In addition, the musician has already published several books, including his autobiography.

early life

From 1962 to 1970, Wolfang Niedecken was a boarding school student with the Pallottines in the St. Albert Konvikt in Rheinbach and attended the municipal high school in the same place. According to his own statement, he was not only beaten at the boarding school, but also sexually abused by a Catholic priest. Niedecken made his musical beginnings in 1966 in the school band The Convikts, then he was a singer with The Troop until 1969 and then with Goin’Sad until 1971. During this period, Niedecken also began taking part in political demonstrations. His first recordings were made in 1969 in the Cornet recording studios in Cologne, but never made it onto the market and were only used for promotional purposes, including the song “Satin Rose” written by Niedecken. Although he did not graduate from high school, Niedecken studied painting in Cologne until 1974, which was followed by a stay in New York for study purposes. In addition to his musical career, he is still active as an artist. Among other things, he designed most of the record covers for his band BAP. In 1974, the first song text in Kölsch (Cologne dialect) was written called Helfe kann dir anybody and the musical career slowly but surely picked up speed.


In 1976, Wolfgang Niedecken founded the band BAP, which initially had no name. It was not until 1977 that the first appearance under the well-known name took place. According to his bandmates, Niedecken always talked so much about his father, called Bapp (Kölsch for dad), that they decided to simply name the band after it: the name BAP was born. Although Niedecken still performed as a solo musician and toured as such, more and more appearances with BAP followed from 1978 onwards. In 1979, the band made their final breakthrough with the recording of the album Wolfgang Niedecken’s BAP rocks other Kölsch Leeders in Cologne, after many successful performances that made BAP more and more popular.
Niedecken is a great admirer of Bob Dylan, not least because of his solo performances with guitar and harmonica he was also nicknamed “Cologne Dylan”. The affinity to the great musician can also be clearly felt in his songs, there are even Kölsch lyrics to songs by Bob Dylan.

Career highlights

After his breakthrough in 1979, Wolfgang Niedecken’s career skyrocketed, both solo and with his band BAP. The song Niemals man so geht, released in 1987 together with Tommy Engel and Trude Herr, still causes tears in the eyes not only of the people of Cologne, who are known to love their city more than anything. A concert recording of a performance by BAP with the Bläck Fööss and his first autobiography, published in 1990, followed. In 1992, Niedecken’s anti-racism song ass huh, hang ussenander made it into the German hit parade – an immense success. In addition to the successes with BAP, Niedecken released two more solo albums in 1995 and 2004.

BAP was on the road to success throughout Germany, the songs of the band have become indispensable at the famous carnival in Cologne in particular, but are still gaining in popularity. The old songs also add money to Wolfgang Niedecken. Wolfgang Niedecken has earned a lot of money with his music, but the amount of his Net Worth is not talked about.

A tour through Germany was supposed to start at the end of 2011, but had to be postponed because of Niedecken’s stroke. After successful rehabilitation, he continued his career, and he is still socially and politically involved today. In 2013 he was awarded the Federal Order of Merit 1st Class for this commitment. In 2014, Niedecken not only wrote a book in which he describes how he was dealing with his illness, but also released his fourth solo album Zosamme alt, which was recorded in Woodstock with several American musicians and was very successful. His last album to date was successfully released in 2020.

Famous quotes

“If we can’t make the world paradise, at least we shouldn’t make it hell.”

“Money is comforting, but I never squander it”

When it comes to understanding money, he says about his wife: “She is our finance minister and then explains it to Lieschen-Müller so that I can understand something at all”

tips for success

Without Niedecken personally formulating this tip like this: get up if you fall – that’s certainly advice that you can derive from your career and how you dealt with your stroke.

Estimated value: €5 million