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Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth – Age & Net Worth in 2024 Career & Relationship

Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth. The German managing director is Wolfgang Reitzle. Reitzle then moved to Ulm and studied mechanical engineering and economics at the Technical University in Munich.

As of May 13, 2021, the estimated net worth of Wolfgang Reitzle is at least $6.5 million. During the last three years, Wolfgang Reitzle has sold more than $0 in Linde Plc shares for a total value of more than $5,774,124. The position of Independent Chief Executive at Linde Plc pays him $727,821. provides more information.

Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth
Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth

Wolfgang Reitzle is a German business leader who was born on March 7, 1949 in Neu-Ulm. After graduating from high school in Ulm, Reitzle studied mechanical engineering and economics at the Technical University of Munich. Munich’s youngest graduate engineer ever graduated in 1971. He was just 22 years old. As an engineer Ph.D. In 1974 he received his doctorate (Dr.-Ing. He joined BMW in 1976 and rose to No. 2 there. Led product development from 1987 to 1997 and oversaw several successful product launches with meticulous attention to detail.

Reitzle led Ford’s Premier Automotive Group from 1999 to 2002, including Volvo, Jaguar and Land Rover. PAG products wouldn’t benefit enough from his tough stance to compete on par with industry giants like Lexus and BMW as colleague Nick Scheele reins in costs.

In 1971, at the age of only 22, he was the youngest “Diploma Engineer” in Munich. In 1974 he received his doctorate as an engineer (Dr.-Ing.).

Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth as of February 27, 2020 is estimated to be at least $5.11 million. Linde Plc stock valued at more than $4,383,573 is owned by Wolfgang Reitzle.

He has sold LIN shares over $0 in the last 2 years. In addition, he pays $727,821 as an independent CEO of Linde Plc.

Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth
Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth

What made him leave Ford?

After leaving Ford, Reitzle said he had no intention of joining GM as Bob Lutz’s heir apparent, as he had already had enough experience of the corporate culture of Ford’s US auto sector. An analogy from the maritime world was: “I would rather command a destroyer than be the first officer on an aircraft carrier.”

Since then he has been CEO of The Linde Group, a well-known manufacturer of forklift trucks and the world’s largest industrial gases company, joining in 2002 as Chairman and CEO from the company’s Board of Directors and becoming Chairman in 2003. His successor at Ford was Mark Fields, who had previously served as Mazda’s chief executive officer.

The Supervisory Board of Linde AG elected Reitzle as its new chairman on May 3 in Munich.

Reitzle was appointed to the board of fashion company Bogner in January 2018. In 2019 he resigned from this position.

In recent years, Wolfgang Reitzle has made a number of investments in companies. The biotech company Tomorrowlabs GmbH was bought by him and his wife Nina Ruge and the wealthy investor Michael Pieper. Dominik Showerer and Dominik Thor founded the company in 2016 in Vienna, Austria, based on the patent-pending active ingredient HSF (HIF Boosting Factor), which they claim can help regenerate skin and hair.

Linde CEO Sanjiv Lamba appointed Chairman and CEO?

Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth
Wolfgang Reitzle Net Worth

An international industrial gases company based in Guildford, Surrey, has selected Sanjiv Lamba to succeed Steve Angel as CEO and Steve Angel to succeed Wolfgang Reitzle as chairman of the board effective March 1, 2024, the company’s board announced on Thursday.

In October 2020, Lamba was promoted to Linde’s Chief Operating Officer. In addition to serving as Executive Vice President of APAC and Head of Regional Business Units (South & South East Asia), he has also served as Managing Director of Linde India throughout his more than thirty year career. In addition to his new role as CEO, Lamba was also elected to the board of the Linde agglomeration.

Lamba said he was “very honored” to lead the organization into the future. Alongside electronics, healthcare and renewable energy, Linde is well positioned to capitalize on lucrative growth opportunities. We, Will, continue to drive our high-performance culture and create sustainable value for Linde shareholders,” he said. A year after leading the merger of Linde and Praxair to create one of the world’s leading industrial gases and engineering companies, Angel was appointed CEO of Linde in 2018. An industry-leading growth rate and operational excellence, along with a culture of capital discipline, led to the statement an overall shareholder return of 100% in just three years under his leadership. Angel was Chairman, President and CEO of Praxair, Inc. from 2007 until his appointment as CEO of Linde.

According to Angel, transforming Linde into the world’s leading industrial gases and engineering company has been a pleasure. I look forward to working with Sanjiv as CEO to further strengthen Linde’s excellent reputation. Under Sanjiv’s leadership, Linde can continue our high-performance culture, aggressively execute on our new sustainability goals and capitalize on the multiple growth opportunities ahead to deliver significant shareholder value,”