World Environment Day is being celebrated across the globe

World Environment Day is being celebrated across the globe

Biodiversity is the theme for the year 2020

The world is celebrating World Environment Day today. The day, which was first celebrated in 1974 with the UN as its driving force, is observed on June 5 every year. This year the events related to the occasion will be hosted by Colombia in partnership with Germany and the theme is Bio Diversity.

The UN is emphasizing on the importance of bio diversity as it relates to existence of all the species on the planet. During the last couple of centuries, the extremely harsh treatment of the environment at the hands of industrialization, over exploration of fossil fuels and game hunting have led to extinction of many species. Many others are at the risk of extinction and threatening the balance of the ecosystems in many regions.

“As ecosystems and biodiversity fall to cities, agriculture, infrastructure, climate change and pollution, nature’s ability to provide food, oxygen, clean water and climate regulation plummets. This directly impacts human health and wealth,” according to a statement from the UN environmental agency on the World Environment Day.

The statement also paid tribute to Colombia for its efforts against the ill effects of environmental changes. “I pay tribute to Colombia, this year’s World Environment Day host nation, for making this event happen, and to the many thousands of advocates honouring this day with their own virtual events during these difficult times,” the statement read.

The environmental body also pointed out that the people are unable to go out and enjoy the beaches and other recreational spots. While this does not make a huge impact for the environment, the improvement does point towards the capacity to reverse the damage.

The UN Secretary General Antonio Gueterres expressed hope that the humanity will take care of nature as it will, in turn, take care of humans.

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