Yemen’s former President killed as fighting continues in capital

Yemen’s former President killed as fighting continues in capital

Mr. Saleh’s death signaled a turning point in the country’s war by shattering the alliance between his loyalists and the rebels.

Former president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Saleh being killed by Huthi rebels on Monday as he fled heavy fighting in Sanaa after the collapse of his alliance with the Iran-backed insurgents.

Abdullah Saleh, who ruled with an iron fist for three decades, had joined forces with the Shiite Huthi rebels in 2014 when they took control of large parts of the Arabian Peninsula country including the capital Sanaa.

The death of the former strongman, Ali Abdullah Saleh, brought to a grim end the career of a wily politician who combined charisma, duplicity and brute force to remain a giant in the politics of his impoverished Arabian country for decades.

Earlier his house was destroyed in fighting that has erupted in Sana’a between Houthi militia and forces loyal to Saleh. Saudi-led coalition warplanes pounded Houthi positions close to the city airport, and the ministry of the interior.

According to red cross the violence between the Houthis and Saleh’s forces has led so far to the deaths of at least 125 civilians in clashes in the last last five days,

According to analysts  That political fracturing could make it harder for the parties to negotiate an end to the conflict,  while renewed fighting in the capital Sana could worsen the humanitarian crisis afflicting Yemen, which the United Nations has called the world’s worst.

Seven million Yemenis nearly a third of the population is at risk of starving. Millions more need emergency food aid.

The International Red Cross also warned it was struggling to keep the hospital functioning in Sana’a and access its warehouse of medical supplies.

The distribution of humanitarian aid across the country is fraught, with 7 million people dependent on aid in what the UN has described as the world’s worst humanitarian disaster. The civil war has so far claimed 10,000 lives.

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