Zayn Malik Net Worth in 2023 Career & Relationship

Estimated value: €65 million
Age: 29
Born: 01/12/1993
Country of origin: United Kingdom
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Short introduction

Zayn Malik should be known to most people from his time in the very successful boy band One Direction. This band emerged from the British show X-Factor, in which Zayn Malik originally competed as a solo artist. However, the jury decided that a band would be more promising and so the band merged with the other participants and formed the band. This turned out to be a brilliant decision. One Direction eventually became a worldwide success and the band sold over 20 million albums, landed lucrative endorsement deals and amassed an enormous Net Worth in just a few short years. Zayn Malik’s share in this was estimated to be a good 65 million euros. He probably still has this value today, because in addition to music, Zayn Malik is also active as a designer for Versace and his own label. We will now explain exactly how he came to such a large Net Worth and what you can learn from Zayn Malik.

early life

Zayn Malik was born in Bradford in 1993 to a multicultural family. His father is of Pakistani and his mother is of Iranian background. As a child, Zayn Malik was already very interested in music and listened to hip-hop and R&B, among other things. It quickly became clear to him that he wanted to try to make a living from music one day. And so it was that in 2010 he finally decided to try his luck on the talent show X-Factor.

However, it initially seemed as if his dream would end quickly and ugly. Because Zayn Malik was judged to be too weak and rejected by the jury. However, there was to be a fateful rethinking by juror Nicole Scherzinger. Since other interesting guys were eliminated besides Zayn Malik, Scherzinger decided to unite the guys into a band. There couldn’t have been a better decision for Zayn Malik and his bandmates. Because the band One Direction should start a worldwide triumph, which made the boys superstars and of course millionaires.


It all started with the participation in the show X-Factor in 2010. The band around Zayn Malik quickly became the audience’s favorite and even after the end of the show it only went uphill for years. The band filled arenas with their performances and sold millions of albums. Companies quickly became aware of the guys and recognized their value for advertising. Among other things, the band even advertised for Pepsi and other well-known companies around the world. Even after he left the band in 2015, Zayn Malik continued almost unchanged. He has worked alongside other industry superstars such as Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown, started out as a designer on the side and continues to fill the stadiums and arenas of the world. Countless awards and prizes have graced his career and nearly every release has gone gold or even platinum as a mark of outstanding sales.

Career highlights

2010: Participated in the X-Factor show
2010: Formation of the band One Direction
2011: 2 x MTV Europe Music Awards, Bambi, BRIT Awards,…
2013: 3 x Billboard Music Awards
2017: MTV Europe Music Awards

Famous quotes

“A smile doesn’t mean someone is happy. Sometimes it just means he’s strong.”

“Before you judge someone, judge yourself!”

“No matter how many great things happen in your life, you should always be grateful for them, stay humble, reserved and respectful.”

tips for success

It is very clear in Zayn Malik’s quotes that he not only attributes his incredible success to his talent but is fully aware that he was also very fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time. Success doesn’t seem to have gone to his head, and Zayn has kept his feet on the ground. Contrary to the rock star cliché, Zayn Malik is humble and grateful. He experienced the good but also the dark sides of the industry at a very young age. Nevertheless, he has remained true to himself and does not allow himself to be confused by false friends and advisors. Today he is firmly established in life, in a happy relationship with international supermodel Gigi Hadid and father of their daughter.
It seems as if he has successfully mastered the leap from teenage star to family man. Money and a career are just a part of true wealth. Lasting success can only take place with strong support and a stable environment.

Estimated value: €65 million