Zucchero Fortune

Estimated value: €75 million
Age: 66
Born: 09/25/1955
Country of origin: Italy
Source of Wealth: Singer
Last updated: 2021

Brief introduction of the person

Zucchero is an Italian singer who has made it to the top of the world with his songs. His concerts sold out in no time. The individual works are derived from the music genres gospel, blues and rock. Zucchero is often referred to as the father of Italian blues.

early life

Zucchero was born on September 25, 1955 in the small Italian town of Roncocesi, which is located near Reggio nell’Emilia. However, his real name is not Zucchero, but Adelmo Fornaciari. His elementary school teacher gave him his later stage name Zucchero. The word “Zucchero” itself can be translated into English as “sugar”. After growing up in Roncocesi, Zucchero moved to Forte dei Marmi in the 1970s. This city is located in the Italian region of Tuscany. Zucchero founded his first bands there. There are three in total, all of which can be assigned to the R&B genre. These bands also represent the first points of contact with the music. The singer tries to keep his private life behind closed doors.


Zucchero began his musical activity in 1970 with his band Le Nouve Luci. With this he appears a little later in pubs. He then founded the band Sugar & Daniel and later Sugar & Candies. All bands can be assigned to the music genre of R&B. However, Zucchero did not have his first big breakthrough until 1981. This also represents an important step in his career. That year he won the Castrocaro Festival with the song “Canto te”. Just one year later he presented his song “Una notte che vola via” at the Sanremo Festival. His first album “Un po’ di Zucchero” appears in 1983 and is supposed to seal his final breakthrough. Unfortunately, things don’t go as planned, which is why Zucchero returns to the Sanremo Festival in 1985. But first he travels to San Francisco to visit Corrado Rustici. He also introduces him to the band Randy Jackson. After some time, Zucchero returns to Italy to compete again at the Sanremo Festival. This time he presents the song “Donne”, which he co-writes with the band. The band creates a new trend in Zucchero’s music as they explore the rhythm and blues genre. The song actually becomes one of his first hits. Zucchero is now in a band with Randy Jackson, Corrado Rustici, Walter Afanatieff and Giorjo Francis Perry. In 1985 the first single entitled “Zuccher & The Randy Jackson Band” was released.

However, the band did not reach their first chart position with this single, but with “Rispetto”. This can already be found in first place a few hours after publication. In 1986, Zucchero performed again at the Sanremo Festival. There he presents his new song “Canzone Triste”. Also this time his performance should not be rewarded with a win. His first successful album is “Blue’s”, which was released in 1987. Corrado Rustici, David Sancious, Clarence Clemons and The Memphis Horns have participated in this. Over the next few years, the album will sell more than 1.3 million copies. It also wins Album of the Year at the Festivalbar competition. To savor the success and extend something, Zucchero goes on tour. The most famous song from the single is “Senza una donna”. This single was followed by others such as “Snack Bar Budapest”, “Oro incenso & birra”, “Miserere” or “Walzer d’un Blues”. This allows Zucchero to further establish itself in the music industry. His songs land at number one in the charts. At the same time, his fame around the world is increasing significantly.

Career highlights

The artist has received gold records in some countries for his albums. Some of his singles in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden receive such an award. Platinum records exist in Europe and France. At the World Music Awards in 1993, Zucchero received the award for the category “Most Successful Italian Artist of the Year”. In 1997, Zucchero received the RSH Gold award. This refers to the Radio Schleswig-Holstein Prize, which is awarded to musicians of pop music. In 2008, Zucchero received the Baloise Session Award and the Lifetime Achievement Award. A few years later he was awarded the DIVA – the German Entertainment Prize. In 2001, the Sanremo Festival also brought him the desired success. In this case, however, he presents himself as a songwriter for Elisa.

Information about possessions

Zucchero owes his success not only to the music. Rather, he has invested large parts sensibly and profitably in stocks, real estate and sponsorship contracts. In addition, the singer has his own restaurant chain, a football club, his own perfume and a fashion line. For some time he has also been trying to get into the vodka business.

Famous quotes

The singer’s probably best-known statements are made in Italian:

“Il mio carattere si è forgiato sul marmo e l’anarchia.” – “My character was forged from marble and anarchy.”
“La gente consuma la musica come se fosse un fazzoletto per il naso.” – “People consume music like a handkerchief.”
“Non riesco ad imaginare ad un mondo senza musica. Sarebbe come imaginare un mondo senza mortadella: impossible!” – “I cannot imagine a world without music. It would be like imagining a world without mortadella: impossible!”
“Non è facile rimanere se stessi cambiando o cambiare rimanendo se stessi.” – “It is not easy to remain yourself by changing or to change by remaining yourself.”

Amazing Facts

In 2006, Zucchero was awarded an Order of Merit from the Republic of Italy. Zucchero’s daughter, Irene Fornaciari, also performs at the 2009 Sanremo Festival. In the period from 1986 to 2019, the singer released 16 studio albums. In total he releases 29 singles. Of these, 22 have appeared on the charts in different countries. The singer owns a burger chain called Fat Zucchero Burger. He founded the football team “Reggio Emilia Angels” and has been selling his clothing line “Seduction by Zucchero” for some time.

Estimated value: €75 million